Our member companies are professional private firefighting companies that provide resource and firefighters to the agencies on a national level under agreement/contracts.

Each company does their own hiring, and many do their own training with NWSA Certified Instructors.

You can visit our Current Members page and contract those you are interested in to see if they are hiring.

We also have a Job Openings page for those that have posted with us.  Keep checking back as we will  keep posting new opening as they let us know.

Some tips:

 - We are Call When Needed Resources so there may be periods of no work depending on the fire seasons.

- You will be required to go through training or be able to produce documents that show you have received the acceptable training based on the USFS Region you will be working in.  We have to have record inspections done to verify that you are qualified by independent third party folks.

 - You will be working 12-16 hour shifts, and living in a fire camp under the guidelines of the Incident Management Team as well as your employer.

- You will be sleeping on the ground in tents, eating your meals in a chow line, taking showers in mobile shower trailers, and living with your crew 24/7.

- Ability to gel with our crew members is crucial to crew cohesion and each crew member is responsible not only for their safety but the safety of the crew.

- You must be ready for dispatch at the drop of a hat.

- Make sure you have worn in your boots beforehand as you WILL have blisters if you don't and be somewhat miserable.

- You will be carrying a pack on your back as your work that can weigh up to 45 pounds.

- Cell phone coverage may be nill and your employer will have policies about usage on the line, so be prepared to be cell phone free.

- You will miss your family and friends, and they will be worried about you so when it is appropriate let them know you are fine.

You will either love or hate this job.  If you love it, it gets in your blood.  Most firefighters do this for the love of helping protect property, our national treasures and human life, its not all about the money.

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How to Become a Wildland Firefighter