NWSA Training Documents

NWSA Instructors Training Manual

Interested in becoming an NWSA Instructor, read Chapter 30 and and click here for a document you must complete when sending your packet to our NWSA Training Coordinator, Stan Kunzman.  Questions, call Stan at 541-389-3526.

Chapter 10 - Introduction

Chapter 20 - Training Organization

Chapter 30 - Qualifications & Certification

Chapter 40 - National Interagency Incident Management System

Chapter 50 - Operating Procedures 

Chapter 60 - Position Task Book Administration

Chapter 70 - Professional Liability Insurance

Chapter 80 - Under Revision

Chapter 90 - Employee File & Maintanence System

Appendix A -

            1993 NWCG Position Paper on MOU's

            NWSA By Laws

            NWSA Instructor Code of Ethics

            NWSA Member Code of Ethics

Appendix B -

             NWSA Database Storage System Tutorial 2018

             NWSA Online/Blended Tutorial

 Appendix C -      

            Map of USFS Geographical Areas


Appendix D


Appendix E


Appendix F