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NWSA 2018 Press Release

Nov. 13, 2018

Professional Private Firefighting on the lines in California 

Professional Private Firefighters on the line across the West

NWSA 2017 Press Releases

NWSA Members have over 1000 people on the lines in CA 

Number of Private Resources available across the US

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NWSA 2015 Press Releases

Private Wildland Firefighting Crews on the Lines in Four States as Fire Season Heats Up


NWSA Cost Reports 2013 & 2014

2013 Original Cost Analysis Crew & Engines

2014 Supplements Cost Analysis Crew & Engines


NWSA 2013 Press Releases


Date:  9/24/2013

Private firefighters played a large role in the fires of 2013.


Date:  8/14/2013

As the West is Burning a large army of private firefighters is on the line.


Date:  7/2/2013

NWSA mourn with our Brothers & Sister over loss of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots

Date:  7/12/2013

NWSA Member Companies Joining the Processional for John Percin

Date:  5/9/2013

NWSA Member fire resources on the front lines as fire season makes an early arrival.

 Date: 3/30/2013

As Drought Persists and Agency Face Budget Cuts NWSA Member Companies prepare to assist.


Date:  9/18/2012    

Private Firefighting playing signicant role in firefighting efforts in the West.



Date:  6/27/2012

NWSA Firefighters on the line in Colorado



Date:  6/14/2012

10,000 Firefighters Await the Call the Assist with growing fires in the West.


Date:  3/19/2012

 NWSA Member Company awarded 2012 Oklahoma Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.Chloeta_Fire_Award_2012.pdf


Date:  9/15/2011

Fire Budget Issue leaves Firefighting Resources Sitting Idle



Professional Private Wildland Fire Service Companies help keep the cut the cost of Fire Suppression Efforts

As Lightening strikes across the US, the Professional Private Fire Services are working side by side with the agencies to protect life, home and the environment.



NWSA White Paper on HR 4488

NWSA put together this paper to express our concerns with HR 4488.



11/23/2009 NWSA puts out Economic Impact Report  

Economic Impact Report for Professional Private Fire Services









Date:  11/23/2009

PNW Chapter elects New Steering Committee Members for 2010

Installment of PNW Steering Committee.doc




Date:  August 3, 2009

NWSA member Workhorse Wildland Fire Service LLC  of Montana has article on Skycasters, Inc.




NWSA releases is 2009 Report on Professonal Private Resources available for Fire Suppression Efforts

2009 Resource Report.doc





NWSA Media Packet on Professional Private Resources

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August 2008 - NWSA Releases Overview of Private Fire Resources in the US


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