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NWSA 2019 Conference Presentations:

NWSA 2018 Financial Report

2019 Fire Weather Prediction Presentation

NWCC 2018 Fire Year Crew Implications Presentation

National USFS Presentation

National BLM Presentation

Oregon Department of Forestr

Washington DNR Presentation

USFS Region 1 Presentation

USFS Region 4 Contract Operations

USFS Region 4 F&A Presentation

USFS Region 6 Contract Operations Presentation

Region 6 Crew & Water handling Chapter Notes Nov. 6 & 7, 2018

SAIF Presentation

USFS R6 Presentation

BOLI Presentation

NWSA 2018 Conference Presentations:

KPD Insurance Presentation

2018 SORO Pilot Program

Bill Hahnenberg, USFS Director of Operations WO

USFS Region 4 Presentation

DNR Wildfire Presentation

Forest Health Advisory Committee WA State

Kim Christensen Presentation

NWSA Accomplishments

USFS Region 6 Presentation

TIPP Presentation

PWFS Quick Facts Presentation

ODF Presentation

Region 5 NWSA Presentation

NRCG Report

For Trainers:

4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation

NWSA Online & Blended Courses

Whats New in NWCG

2018 NWSA RT130

Instructor Responsibilities

NWSA 2017 Conference Presentations:

USFS Region 6 Presentation   

FS -- SFL Life First Engagement -- PowerPoint Slide Sets.pptx- Presentation by Sue Stewart

2016 NRCG11-16.pptx  - Tim Murphy

Great Basin Presentation - Cathy Baird

Oregon Department of Forestry - Doug Grafe

USFS Region 6 Presentation  - Katie Mergel/CiCi Chitwood

USFS Region 5 Presentation- Sue Zahn

TIPP Presentation - Ben McGrane

DOL Presentation

2017 Fire Weather Presentation - Gary Bennett

USFS 2017 VIPR Agreement Changes:

VIPR Changes.pdf

NWSA 2016 Conference Presentations:

IC/AC NWSA Presentation - Joe Stutler 

Ecosystem Workforcer Project - Heidi Huber, U of O

KPD Presentation on Oregon WC Rates in 2704 - Joe Couey

NWSA Big Picture Issues - Debbie Miley

Northern Rockies Region Presentation - Tim Murphy

Oregon Department of Forestry Presentation - Ron Graham

NWCC Presentation - Dan O'Brien

New Laws that affect your business - Debbie Miley

Kim Christensen Presentation - Kim Christensen

Western Cohesive Strategy Presentation - Joe Stutler

All Hazards Incident Management Teams Association - Bill Campbell

2016 Fire Weather Predictions - Gary Bennett

 NWSA 2015 Conference Presentations:

Region 1 Presentation

Region 6 USFS Presentation

Region 5 USFS Presentation

Region 6 USFS Statistics

Oregon Department of Forestry Presentation

FEESSA Team Presentation

Wage & Hour Information

2015 Fire Weather Predictions

Marijuana and the Workplace

Board Vote


 NWSA By Laws 2016 Edition

NWSA Professional Contractor Certification Program 

NWSA Cost Study on Crews & Waterhandling Resources December 2013

2014 Updated Cost Report 




Letter of Safety Issue on VIPR Agreements - December 2013

This letter was prepared by the NWSA Board and sent to Steve Gage, USFS WO Operations Director to talk about the need to put Best Value and higher requirements back in the VIPR agreements as not having them creates a safety issue in the field for our members.


2014 NWSA Conference Presentations


2013 NWSA Conference Presentations

2012 NWSA Conference Presentations

Membership Drive 2011

In 2011 we are looking a Membership Drive by our best salesman, our own members.  We are offering a discount on your 2012 dues if you meet the requirements.

Below you will find information as well as flyers, brochures, and business cards you can print and hand out. 


Power of One Flyer.pdf

2011 Bus. Cards Front.pdf

2011 Bus. Cards Front.pdf



Board Committee Assignments


Political Action Committee

(Charged with developing a Strategic long term plan for NWSA in this arena)

 Last  FirstPhone Role  Email
 Dice Rick 541-923-0703 Group Leader Email
 Sulffridge Mike 541-459-5464 Group Email
 Wheelock Mike 541-476-0033 Group Email
 Nilsson Claren 541-273-4737 Group Email


Agency Relations

(This group is charged with developing a strategy to not only enhance our relations with fire personnel but also try to develop more avenues that might be available for work such as DHS and others.)

Last  First Phone Role Email
 Edrington Mike 541-667-6076 Group Leader
 Jenner     Dale 541-276-777 Member Email
 Wills Jess 530-514-2892 Member Email
 Dice Rick 541-923-0703 Member Email


Costs Committee

(This committee is charged with trying to gather information on agency true costs, and a plan to show that we can be a cost effective alternative to full time staffing by the agencies)

Last  FirstPhone  Role Email
 Nilsson   Claren 541-273-4737 Group Leader Email
 Pollard Don 541-549-8167 Member Email
 Timmerman John 573-875-5726 Member Email