Member Benefits


The National Wildfire Suppression Association (NWSA) represents over 150 private wildland fire services contractors who operate on an as-needed basis to provide federal/state and local agencies with a variety of resources for wildland fire and other emergency incidents. Resources include twenty-person firefighting crews, timber faller modules, engines, tenders, dozers and other specialized fire equipment as well as a full complement of fire/emergency incident camp services. 


NWSA provides training certification, advocacy and support to help its member companies field experienced, highly trained, safety-focused resources that meet or exceed all federal standards, including all requirements of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

When lives are on the line, the agencies must have confidence in any resourcesthat are a part of the fire community. Since 1991, the mission of NWSA is to insure that its members earn that confidence. Because safety and skill is paramount, certifying instructors is a vital part of NWSA services to its member companies. In 2007, NWSA certified instructors held 800 classes and trained 7,400 private wildland, agency and rural structure fire department firefighters.
Member Benefits Include: 

  • NWSA’s annual national conference, newsletters and website promote professionalism and excellent performance through the exchange of information about issues related to the industry. 

  • NWSA offers a contractor training program Professional Contractor Certification Program which will equip members with the basics in Worker’s Compensation, USDOL, Critical Management  and USDOT regulations, and Business Ethics.  Our program changes topics each year!

  • NWSA advocacy includes working as a cooperator in the wildland fire services to build positive relationships with agencies and to advocate for programs like Best Value Contracting that provide agencies with the most professional private resources.  
  • NWSA works with vendors in our field to provide member discounts on things like radios, packs, and more!



 Benefits of belonging to NWSA

  • Quarterly Newsletter to bring you the latest industry news.  
  • A Training Coordinator to help with your training questions or needs.    
  • Annual membership meetings to discuss issues important to you. 
  • Guest Speakers to keep you informed on what is happening with the agencies.   
  • A database storage and carding system to help the agencies, and our members keep track of and document trained personnel.   
  • Annual certificate showing current membership
  • Vendor Discounts offered to NWSA Members on fire equipment

CONTRACTOR Certification Program  

 Attend the NWSA Conference annually to keep your Professional Contractor Certification valid annually.

Program Goals
The goal of this program is to provide NWSA member companies with an avenue to enhance their knowledge and give you the basic necessary tools and resources to ensure that you can comply with contract requirements.

Who Can Apply?
 Anyone that is an current NWSA member and contracts with state, federal, local or private parties to provide fire suppression resources and/or emergency response resources.


Maintaining Your Certification


In order to maintain your certification you must remain a current NWSA Member and provide documentation to the NWSA Office showing at least 8 hours worth of continuing education by a state accredited facility or attend the Annual NWSA Conference.

Examples are:

  • Your workers compensation carrier training
  • Your state OSHA training courses
  • Accredited College (i.e. Business Ethics Course)
  • NWSA Annual Meeting Workshops

These must be attended by the company owner or a management personnel designated by the company owner. You will receive a Certificate of Good Standing for each year that you qualify.

How do I submit my documentation? 

Obtain a Certificate or letter of completion from the sponsoring agency. Send a copy of that documentation to the NWSA office.


NWSA | P.O. Box 330 | Lyons,OR  97358 

You must send the documentation in by December 31st. to maintain standing for the following year. If you have any questions, please contact the NWSA office at 1-877-676-6972.