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 Our members hire and train Wildland firefighters. View our members listing and check with each company to see if they are hiring and what their requirements are. The Contracts they work under require certain training in order to attain status as a Wildland firefighter. NWSA certifies the instructors that provide that training to the companies for their employees. Additional job listings below...

You must meet all training requirements and be able to pass a Work Capacity Fitness Test.

2020 Job Openings


National Wildfire Suppression Association

Position:  NWSA Training Coordinator

Rate of Pay:  Contracted Position Aprox. 40-50 hours per month                                                                 Average Annual Income:  $25000.00

National Wildfire Suppression Association Training Coordinator 

The Company:

The National Wildfire Suppression Association (NWSA) is the largest Business Organization representing the Professional Private Wildland Fire Services (PPWFS) in the United States and has held a Memorandum of Understanding since 1994 to Certify Instructors that can teach the training required by the PMS 310-1.

NWSA holds its instructors to the highest standards.

NWSA strives to provide highly trained, safety centered and valued resources that complement the agency resources.

The Position:

The Training Coordinator formulates the NWSA Training Program within the parameters established by NWCG and the Geographical Areas Memorandums of Understanding.

This position works under Contract of NWSA and is responsible for payment of all appropriate taxes.

The initial contract period will be a one-year probationary contract at the rate of $40.00 per hour plus any travel costs approved by the Executive Director. After that it will be a five-year contract commitment.

This position works at the discretion of the NWSA Board of Directors and reports to the Executive Director for day to day operations.

The average Hours per month (varies by time of year) is approximately forty-five (45)


  • Experience with the wildland fire qualification system guide PMS 310-1 training and requirements
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Position requires that individual must be analytical and detail oriented
  • Good technology skills
  • No current affiliation with anyone holding a current agreement/contract for wildfire services or resource


  • For the duration of this contract cannot be an active MOU Provider Instructor
  • 5 Year contract commitment
  • Preference given to those with strong knowledge of the Private Wildland Fire Services.


  • Provides expert input and advice on training issues to NWSA Members, Instructors and The Board of Directors.
  • Oversees the NWSA Training Committee
  • Develops and maintains the NWSA Training Manual
  • Certifies Instructors according to the NWSA Standards and maintains records.
  • Maintains technical contacts in order to keep current with the latest developments of the NWCG Wildland Fire Qualifications
  • Works closely with agency training groups to help establish policies related to training.
  • Responsible for monitoring NWSA Instructors, tracking currency and handing any violations made by an instructor as it relates to our training requirements and the Instructor Code of Ethics.
  • Establishes, reviews and maintains Memorandum’s of Understanding for training with the Geographical regions on behalf of NWSA and with approval from the NWSA Board of Directors.
  • Coordinates workshops for NWSA Instructors at annual meeting.
  • Performs all clerical functions necessary for this position.

The Location:

This position is to be done remotely.

How to Apply: 

Submit a resume and letters of recommendation to the NWSA office at the address below. Please also include a cover letter with your contact information including email address. A committee established by the NWSA President will review the information submitted and schedule interviews for those qualified for the position. For any additional information please contact the Executive Director at 1-877-676-6972 or by email at

Submissions must be received by December 20th. We will send acknowledgement of receipt for your submission.


Executive Director

P.O. Box 169

Mill City, OR 97360


Ph: 1-877-676-6972