There are many regulations that the wildland fire industry must adhere to.  I am including links to many of them and also some powerpoints regarding those regulations.

Service Contract Act

Link to SCA

Compliance Principals GSA.ppt


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations

Link to FMCSA

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.ppt

Migrant & Seasonal Agricutural Worker Protection Act

Link to MSPA

Link to 29CFR500 Regulations

1999 Position Clarification Paper USDOL-NWSA

Document No. 2 1999 Position AClarification Paper USDOL-NWSA

Document No. 3 1999 Position Clarification Paper USDOL-NWSA


MSPA Boot Clarifications

OFD Amendment.doc

OSHA Regulations

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements