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Fire Equipment/Business For Sale

Date:  12/30/2019



Email Address:

First : Dale
Last : Morrow

Company Name: Helicom, LLP

Phone: (406) 531-7536

What would you like to advertise?: For Sale
Helicopter Operation Support Trailer/Communication Trailer is fully equipped with all the radios, computers, and internet equipment required under Federal VIPR contract solicitations. 

The trailer was built in 2004 and the tractor is a 2003 Volvo 770. The tractor has a large 2 bunk sleeper and 120 V. refrigerator microwave and air conditioning. The generator, mounted on the tractor, is a 19 KW Isuzu diesel with less than 600 hrs. The satellite dish is a Winegard, 1.2 meter auto deploy system.

In 2019, the US Forest Service will be soliciting new 5 year VIPR contracts. In this contract the owner defines the daily rate the USFS will pay for the use of the equipment and where it will be dispatched from. It can be dispatched to anywhere in the US that an Interagency Incident Management Team requests it.




Company Name: Deschutes u-boat inc

Phone: (541) 395-2503

Advertising: 2001 international 4800 4x4
750+ gal. 65000 miles
runs very good