Database Storage System 

The NWSA Database Storage System is a national database, recognized by Agencies and administered by NWSA. It tracks firefighters, instructors and company trainings and certifications. Based on data in the system, NWSA issues Incident Qualification Cards to member company employees on an annual basis. Only an NWSA recognized instructor may input data into this system.

Agency personnel may have limited access to verify training data on an individual such as name, qualifications and employer.

To obtain login information, please contact Executive Director Debbie Miley at: (877) 676-6972.

Features of the NWSA Database Storage System:

  • Annually issued Incident Qualification Cards with photo, employee number, incident qualifications, additional skills, physical fitness rating, incident position needs and years of experience.
  • Documented instructor qualifications and teaching history
  • Documented firefighter records including qualifications, training, experience, task books and fitness level
  • All data entered by instructors, who are responsible for issuing Incident Qualification Cards
  • All information is confidential

All data entry must be paid for when entered into the Database Storage System. The fees are listed below.

  • Members: $12.00/person
  • Non-members: $30.00/person
  • Groups of 100 or more (such as National Guard Training) should contact the Executive Director for pricing information

For more information or to log in, please visit our training Web site.

    Database Storage System Forms & Information


    Database Storage System Instructor Tutorial (PDF)
    NWSA Database Storage System InstructorTutorial.pdf

    Database Storage System Brochure for Company Owners (PDF)


    NWSA PDF Upload Manual

    NWSA Database Storage System PDF Upload.pdf

    Company Data Transfer Request (PDF)

    Company Data Transfer Request

    New Company Information Sheet (PDF)
    New Company Addition.pdf

    NWSA Data Transfer Policy (PDF)

    Data Transfer Policy