Process for becoming an Instructor for the National Wildfire Suppression

The Training Coordinator and/or a review committee will do the evaluation of new
 instructors and the upgrading of current instructors.

Page 30-4 (February 2010)
 It is the responsibility of the individual applying for instructor certification to provide
 documentation that is complete and accurate. The Training Coordinator is not responsible
 for gathering documentation on an individual. If you do not have the required documents
 and training certificates, please do not apply until you have a complete package.

Lead Instructors must have sufficient experience in presenting all units of the course. It is
 recognized that exceptions may occur where courses are of such a technical nature that no
 one person may be technically competent to instruct all units. They must be positioned
 qualified at the next level.

Unit Instructors must be experienced in the lessons they are teaching. They must be
 positioned qualified at the job level to which the course is targeted.

In order to apply for instructor certification:

1. You are required by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) to meet
 Currency Requirements. A qualified instructor means the instructor meets the
 position currency requirements as described in the NWCG’s Wildland Fire
 Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1 and the Field Manager’s Course Guide
 (FMCG), PMS 901-1. This document can be accessed at

2. Submit a copy of your most recent Incident Qualification Card and any Incident
 Performance Ratings you received in the last 5 years.

3. Submit copies of certificates for NWCG courses you have taken and other
 certificates that relate to specific related subjects such as a manufactures course in
 pump repair or your chain saw certification level.

4. Lead Instructors must have 5 years of documented performance as an instructor.
 Unit instructors must have documentation of their instructor capabilities. Submit
 evaluations from Lead Instructors, student evaluation forms, letters of reference
 from people in a position to evaluate your skills such as teachers or immediate

5. Review the FMCG, PMS 901-1 for each course you plan to teach and provide
 documentation that meets the instructor requirements for that course. This
 document can be accessed at:

Page 30-5 (February 2010)
 6. Complete the Instructors Information Sheet and the Code of Ethics for
 Instructors found on pages 30-8, 9 and 10.

7. All Lead Instructors are required to have the 32 hours Facilitative Instructor
 Course: M-410 or equivalent. Equivalency courses are classes that have been
 determined by evaluators to be equivalent to courses identified in the NWCG
 approved curriculum. NFPA Fire Instructor 1 course, a State Teaching
 certificate, or a Bachelor Degree in Education would be considered equivalent.

8. Copies of other useful documents that may be required include: Position Task
 Books, Wildfire History or Summary Record, Incident Qualification System
 Persons Master Record.

 9. A resume of your qualifications, which should include:
 a. Personal Data
 Full legal name, present address and phone number.
 b. Education
 High School: _________Graduated? Yes__ No__ Location:______
 College/Univ.: ________ Graduated? Yes__ No__ Degree (s):_____
 Other (specify type) ____Graduated? Yes__ No __ Certificate (s):__
 ______Graduated? Yes__ No__ Certificate (s):__
 c. Work Experience
 List below all present and previous employment, starting with the most
 Company name: ________From (mo/yr):____Type of work________
 Address: ______________To (mo/yr):____Name of Supervisor_____
 Reason you left: ___________________________________________

Follow same format for all employment.
 May we contact the employers above? Yes __ No __

d. Other Organizations
 List only organizations that pertain to fire fighting or resource
 management such as a Rural Fire Department volunteer, Society of
 American Foresters, County Search & Rescue, etc.

10. In your cover letter please add the following statement: I certify that all
 documents sent are true and complete, and all training courses have been
 NWCG certified. NWCG certified courses must meet the guidelines established
 in the FMCG.

11. If you are joining as a new member, complete the application and mail with a
 check, for the membership fee to Debbie Miley, NWSA Executive Secretary.

Page 30-6 (February 2010) 13. Submit a complete training package with a check for the one time $150.00
 certification fee made out to NWSA to Stan Kunzman, NWSA Training

12. There will be an Annual $200 Renewal fee charged on every January 1 to
 retain your Certification through NWSA. You may opt to become a voting
 member of NWSA by paying the $200 Voting Membership in addition to the
 renewal fee but it is not required.

Stan Kunzman
NWSA Training Coordinator
21683 Paloma Dr
Bend, OR 97701